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Mexican Vibes

I spent a few weeks in Mexico in 2011. And even though I wasn’t planning on documenting this trip I did get my iPhone out every once and a while to shoot some of the beautiful scenery and things that inspired me. The result was a handful of clips that I edited trying to capture the mood of this beautiful country.

Behind the Scenes of a Print Layout

My client Travelex launched last year with such a success that they decided to offer 2 summer trip packages this year. I had to find a way to make sure that consumers recognize the brand, but understand that these are summer trips.

In this 4-hours-queezed-into-3-minutes-video you can see the work it takes to turn a rough print layout into the finished high-resolution layout. The key visual is consists of 6 different photos and was retouched with Adobe Photoshop. The final layout is then put together in Adobe Illustrator.

Art Direction on Rexona Celebrity Campaign for LOWE GGK

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Art Direction on photo shoots in Istanbul, Cairo and Moscow for Rexona’s celebrity campaign.

Shooting with some of the best photographers including Nihat Odobasi, Turkey (website), Emed Kassem, Egypt and Slava Filippov, Russia (website) was a professional challenge and an exciting experience.

The final photos will be used in their respective local markets, the Egyptian celebrity even in the entire North Africa and Middle East region.

A big thanks to LOWE GGK Budapest for giving Rooom Six this opportunity.